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Your custom beverage service since 1974.

Coffee Mill’s Office Coffee Service

Family owned and operated since 1974, Twin Cities-based Coffee Mill believes in building long-term relationships with its customers by offering great office coffee service at a fair price, and truly exceptional customer service. As a leading local supplier of coffees, teas and breakroom supplies, we carry some of the top brands in the industry. We are proud to be the exclusive office supplier of Sam & Evan’s Fair Trade, Organic, Bird Friendly, Mission coffee, as well as Dunn Bros. Caribou and Starbucks coffee, which we supplement with a wide range of our own carefully selected signature blends.

The Different Twin Cities Coffee Break Service

Our customers appreciate that Coffee Mill is different. We understand that our success is based on satisfying, even exceeding, their needs. Take, for example, our airpot/carafe cleaning & exchange program. Each and every time we make a delivery to our customers we fully clean or exchange their airpots or carafes, along with the counter space and surrounding area. Or our use of the best local roasters, to ensure the freshest coffee possible. This uncommon attention to detail sets us apart.

Learn more about our company and contact us today to create a remarkable beverage experience for your entire office community!


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