Making Iced Coffee At Home

It’s easy to forget that the summer can be two-faced. To remember her long days of sunshine and forget her intervals of blistering heat. When the weather has been miserable for multiple days, cold coffee can be a game changer. At Coffee Mill, we love experimenting with different ways to drink… Read More

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12 Coffee Quotes For Coffee Lovers

Are you a coffee lover? At Coffee Mill, we love everything about coffee, including fun quotes about our favorite beverage. When it comes to fueling our day at the office, we depend on coffee to perk us up and keep us motivated. On top of that, there’s nothing like a hot… Read More


How Much Coffee Can You Safely Drink? Research Says 4 Cups

Avid coffee drinkers across the country reach for multiple cups of java everyday. The health benefits of coffee are far-reaching, but there has been much discussion and debate on how much coffee is actually safe to drink on a daily basis. We may now have a solid answer. According to a… Read More

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Coffee for Serious Coffee Lovers

There’s a lot of folklore and some mild competition surrounding coffee shops. Maybe the folklore is a bit light, but the competition does exist in underlying currents in the coffee drinking world. Which, as we know, is the world most modern day adults thrive in. Mornings without coffee are like peanut… Read More

Office Coffee Maker

Is it Time to Replace Your Office Coffee Maker?

Whether you are a small or large business, there’s a good chance you provide your hardworking employees with coffee. If you and your team depend on your office coffee maker on a daily basis, it’s important that your equipment is in tip-top shape. Here are three signs that it might be time to… Read More


3 Delicious Coffee Recipes to Perk You Up This Winter

The snow might be falling and the temperatures dropping, but you can stay warm and toasty indoors this winter with a hot cup of delectable coffee. When the afternoon slump catches up with you, try out one of these simple, delicious coffee recipes at home! Simple Mocha Coffee Recipe Source: Johanna… Read More

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Coffee, Work Productivity, and Science

The science is officially in.  Coffee increases work productivity and the amount you can (and should) consume according to scientific research may surprise you.  Three to five 8-ounce cups is what’s recommended to gain some key advantages over your non coffee drinking cohorts.  Read on to learn about the three compelling… Read More


The Extraordinary Health Benefits of Tea

Tea has been prominent in the East for thousands of years because of its awesome effects on the body, mind and soul. Today, this tasty beverage is becoming more and more popular in the West due to its awesome health benefits. At Coffee Mill, we offer a variety of traditional and… Read More