Coffee Soda

Summer’s Hottest Trend: Coffee Soda

How you take your coffee is usually a pretty personal choice. You have probably been drinking it more or less the same way as long as you can remember (although perhaps you might have lowered your sugar intake just a little bit). With coffee vans for sale up and down the… Read More

Coffee Hydration

Is Coffee Hydrating?

Is Coffee Hydrating? Yes! Here at Coffee Mill, we love coffee science and we are eager to separate fact from fiction. With the additional challenges of staying hydrated in the summer, coffee drinkers may wonder about whether the caffeine poses an additional risk of dehydration. The idea that coffee causes fluid… Read More

Coffee Beans

Coffee Roasts: Light, Medium, or Dark?

Do you have a favorite coffee roast? Light? Dark? Maybe you’re thinking about experimenting with a new roast, or you’re just curious what separates one roast from the next. Either way, here is a quick overview to help you choose your new delicious roast! To begin, all coffee beans are green… Read More

Making iced coffee at home

Making Iced Coffee At Home

Making Iced coffee at home is easy and fun! It’s easy to forget that the summer can be two-faced. To remember her long days of sunshine and forget her intervals of blistering heat. When the weather has been miserable for multiple days, cold coffee can be a game changer. At Coffee… Read More

Coffee Lovers

12 Coffee Quotes For Coffee Lovers

Are you a coffee lover? At Coffee Mill, we love everything about delicious office coffee, including fun quotes about our favorite beverage. When it comes to fueling our day at the office, we depend on coffee to perk us up and keep us motivated. On top of that, there’s nothing like… Read More


How Much Coffee Can You Safely Drink? Research Says 4 Cups

Avid coffee drinkers across the country reach for multiple cups of java everyday. The health benefits of coffee are far-reaching, but there has been much discussion and debate on how much coffee is actually safe to drink on a daily basis. We may now have a solid answer. According to a… Read More

dunn bros coffee twin cities mn

Coffee for Serious Coffee Lovers

There’s a lot of folklore and some mild competition surrounding coffee shops. Maybe the folklore is a bit light, but the competition does exist in underlying currents in the coffee drinking world. Which, as we know, is the world most modern day adults thrive in. Mornings without coffee are like peanut… Read More

Office Coffee Maker

Is it Time to Replace Your Office Coffee Maker?

Whether you are a small or large business, there’s a good chance you provide your hardworking employees with coffee. If you and your team depend on your office coffee maker on a daily basis, it’s important that your equipment is in tip-top shape. Is it Time to Replace Your Office Coffee Maker? Here… Read More